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Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building the Best Denver Refreshment Services Program

Denver Office Coffee | Employee Benefit | Refreshment Services

You do what you can for your employees. Offer a good salary, hearty benefits package, and flexible office hours to meet the needs of parents and caregivers. But, one of the most looked over employee perks are the Denver refreshment services.

Investing in your Denver break room will benefit both your company as well as your employees. Keep reading to learn how and why you should consider upgrading your services today.

Where To Begin

When considering upgrading your break room, contact PGi Services to talk to our break room specialists. With our help, you can determine what refreshment services offer the best benefits. We offer micro-markets, vending machines, gourmet coffees and teas, office pantry services, and more!

With our help, your company can transform your Denver break room into a place that:

  1. Creates a community

  2. Fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation

  3. Encourages mental health breaks

  4. Improves workplace satisfaction

  5. Boosts office morale

  6. Provides a space for employees to relax, unwind and recharge

With these improvements in your workplace culture, you will see a natural increase in employee satisfaction and overall happiness. These benefits lead to an increase in productivity. This means improving your Denver refreshment services becomes a win-win for everybody.

Denver Break Room Solutions | Refreshment Services | Coffee and Tea | Modern Vending Machine

Exploring Your Options

It is our goal to help you find the refreshment solutions that best fit your break room. With many options available we can find the perfect fit. We take your break room space, wants, and needs and match them into your customized Denver break room service.

  1. Vending Machines: With Denver modern vending machines, your employees can choose from traditional snacks to healthy treats that just hit the market. You can even opt to provide sandwiches and other fresh food items through our services.

  2. Micro-Market: Provide your employees with a large product variety with a Denver micro-market. Our custom designed markets are open 24/7 for easy snacking access and equipped with glass front coolers and open shelving. This makes for a unique shopping experience completely tailored to your break room.

  3. Office Coffee Service: From gourmet coffee to specialty teas, when you offer office coffee service, it puts a smile on your teams’ faces. What’s more, it gives your team something to look forward to every morning. Plus, it can recharge your employees during those mid-day slumps so they can power through the rest of the workday.

  4. Office Pantry Service: Providing free snack and drinks to your employees is the ultimate employee perk. A Denver pantry service will keep your employees happy and fuel throughout every workday. What’s more, your employees will no longer stress about having to go off-site for a bite to eat! This service will improve employee retention and overall workplace satisfaction.

Partner With Us To Customize Your Denver Refreshment Services

When you partner with us, we listen to your needs and meet your expectations for your Denver break room services. If your company wants to upgrade your break room today, look no further than PGi Services. We can’t wait to hear from you. Call 800.580.7266 today to learn more!


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