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Micro Markets

Create A Welcoming Break Room Full Of Choice

Endless Options

Create a high-quality micro-market that your Utah employees will love. Our micro-markets include ready-to-serve hot meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, beverages and much more!

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Hundreds of items. On-site location.


Open Floor Plan

This outside-the-box breakroom format showcases products in coolers and open shelves. Users can pick up items and read labels before making a purchase. Plus, each layout is custom designed for your space to increase flow and create a positive vibe.


Self-Service Kiosks

Easy to use, the self-checkout kiosk allows the micro-market to remain open 24/7. Employees shop, scan their items, and pay using the touchscreen and secure cashless options, including credit and debit cards, mobile, and micro-market account.​


Personalized Selections

Partner with us to open a mini market right in your break room. Dozens of beverages, snacks, food, and more available to your employees all day, every day, including a full range of healthier alternatives. It’s workplace refreshment at its best.

of Mind

Besides greater selection and employee benefit, micro-markets from PGI Services give you peace of mind. Our self-checkout kiosks are secure with encrypted payment methods. We have cameras on the micro-markets at all times and work to ensure a user friendly environment in each of our Utah locations.

Transform your corporate office breakroom with Avanti Markets
Avanti Markets

Transform your corporate office breakroom with Avanti Markets

Earn your management some brownie points with a micro-market from PGI Services at 800.580.7266 or
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