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Salt Lake City, Have You Met the Micro Market?

Alternative break room options in Salt Lake City

Vending machines—a common fixture seen in break rooms across the country. They offer convenience, provide delicious and healthy snacks, and supply a snack or meal when time is short or restaurants and stores are closed. Even though vending machines have been around for years, they have, at the same time, been loved to be hated. Products get stuck, change doesn’t dispense, dollar bills, no matter how many times you flatten them, won’t read, and in some scenarios, products, when they do come out, come out expired.

In short, vending machines are just that: machines. And machines are not perfect. But, what if there was a system that was closer to perfect? One that didn’t lose money or offer stuck products? One that offered fresh food and beverages, and guaranteed that Salt Lake City customers would never purchase an expired item again?

Meet the Micro Market

A Micro Market operates as a mini store offering a wide range of products in a break room in place of typical vending machines. With open shelving for shelf stable products, reach in coolers and freezers for freshly made options and a self-checkout kiosk, your employees can hold and examine their choices before they purchase them. In addition to being certain that they received what was purchased, they can also:

  1. Check expiration dates

  2. Review nutritional information—provides an opportunity to make an informed decision for both their taste buds as well as their health

Rather than needing an additional person to run a cash register, the Salt Lake City Micro Market operates using a self-service model. To add funds to a stored-value card or account, employees either upload cash or credit onto their card at the kiosk or online. Employees use those cards, credit cards or fingerprint recognition to make payments. After a purchase, the store-valued card holds the remaining balance, eliminating a common problem with vending machines—the coin mechanism, which is responsible for roughly 90% of all vending related service calls.

Alternative break room options in Salt Lake City

Enjoy the Freshness

The reach-in-coolers, in addition to holding beverages, hold freshly made food. Delicious sandwiches, salads, burritos, yogurts, parfaits, wraps, fruit, and more are now easily accessible to your employees without having to leave the office.

What does this mean for your business?

  1. Happier and healthier employees

  2. Reduction of extended off-site employee breaks

  3. Improved employee efficiency

All positive results as happy employees increase productivity. Would you like to revolutionize your company’s break room with a micro market of your own?

Call PGi Services at 800.580.7266 to learn more about setting up a micro market or other healthy vending solutions for your office break room.


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