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Office Culture and the Salt Lake City Breakroom

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” -attributed to Peter Drucker, an American management consultant

Although traditional business practices may disagree and put strategy first, companies like The Container Store, Facebook, and Google are proving Drucker right. Not only do they place company culture and employee happiness at the top of their priority list, but they also have fun while making millions.

Do you want to improve your Salt Lake City company’s culture, but aren’t sure how to do it on a budget? Howard Chapman, Royal Cup Inc.’s Office Beverage Division President, offers a few suggestions about how to change the culture by focusing on the office breakroom.


Coffee, one of the cheapest employee benefits, is highly valued by employees. In other words, coffee, even premium brands, is relatively inexpensive. By offering premium coffee in your breakroom, you are keeping employees on location which increases productivity, increasing energy through caffeine intake, and showing your employees that you value them and their time.

$ – Drip brew coffee—ideally portion packs to contain messes and provide a consistent pot

$$ – Bean to cup machines that use whole bean coffees to create black coffee as well as fancier beverages including lattes and mocha.

Cool Way to Save—Reach out to local wholesale coffee roasters and get coffee that’s cheaper and fresher.

Don’t Forget—More Americans now drink tea. Spend a couple extra cents per bag and invest in a premium tea selection; think Tazo, Numi, or Mighty Leaf. Also, consider getting an ice machine or cold brew on tap as cold is the new hot.


When creating your beverage menu, don’t forget the condiments, sugars, creamers, et c., as it’s likely that many of your employees won’t enjoy their beverage black.

$ – Offer powdered creamer and sugar in canisters

$$ – Keep half and half in the refrigerator, and flavored creamer capsules and cane sugar or sugar in the raw on the counter

An Alternative—If the budget doesn’t allow for everything, consider offering only plain half and half, and cane sugar.  Ultimately, these options are healthier for your Salt Lake City employees. Also, don’t forget a soy or almond milk alternative for your lactose employees.

Extra Bonus—Consider adding mayo, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, salt, and pepper, etc. to your breakroom offerings.

And what’s a break without snacks?

Breakroom Options in Salt Lake City


$—Offer your employees healthy snacks and easy payment solutions including credit cards and mobile pay at no cost to your company.

$$—Offer beverages and snacks to employees at no cost. By keeping employees on location, productivity often increases.

Cool Way to Save—Get a service provider to manage snacks and cold beverages. When you add your time and effort to the cost of the product, you may discover that using a service provider is more cost effective.

For more ideas on how to cultivate company culture in your Salt Lake City breakroom call PGi Services at 800.580.7266. We can help you develop a plan that fits your office culture from deciding which snacks to offer to which items should be on your beverage menu.


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