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New Break Room Food Trends in Salt Lake City

Plant-Based Food Trends in Salt Lake City

What hashtags are you following this summer? Maybe it’s #hiring (companies looking to fill open positions) or #nowplaying (as in what’s playing on Spotify), or #confedcup (FIFA Confederations Cup—an international men’s soccer tournament that occurs every four years)?

Other than sports and things to do to relax, something else is trending in your break room: snacks and fresh food made with plant-based ingredients.

According to Mintel, a global market intelligence agency, there will be six trends in 2017 that will impact the food and drink market:  

  1. modernized updates of old formulations, flavors, and formats

  2. expansion of vegetarian, vegan, and other plant-based recipes

  3. focus on eliminating food waste

  4. importance of understanding how much time is needed to receive, prepare or consume a particular product

  5. evening-focused functional food and drink formulations

  6. lower price point for entry into the health food and drink market

To meet Salt Lake City consumers’ preference for healthy, natural and flexible choices, freshly prepared food and healthy snacks in 2017 will likely include plant-based ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and botanicals.

How are consumers likely to enjoy their plant-based snacks and meals?

By eating bowls for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime in between. Bowls contain a variety of healthy foods such as proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and can be consumed either cold or warm. Breakfast bowls are often something as simple as a sweet oatmeal, but can also be a more complex savory combination of sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, and Middle Eastern spices. Lunch and dinner bowls focus on savory flavors with a mix of grains, vegetables, and proteins.

So, if your Salt Lake City employees are looking for fresh food and snacks made with plant-based ingredients, why not make them readily available via a wellness program in your office break room. Not only will you keep your employees on site and save them take-out delivery fees but you will also help them to make healthy choices. That’s a win for everyone.

For more information about adding a micro-market or vending services with healthy options, call PGi Services at 800.580.7266. One of our team members will be happy to build a customized program that will deliver fresh and delicious food to your Salt Lake City break room. Making your company’s most popular break room trend #freshandhealthy.


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