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How to Add a Coffee Service to Your Utah Micro Market

Coffee Service in Denver

Office coffee service is often considered a separate service when it comes to the office break room, but it doesn’t have to be. For a moment, ponder what it would be like to mesh coffee service with a micro market. On their own, micro markets and coffee services offer distinct benefits, but when they are blended together in the SLC office break room, they create a unique employee perk. Employees now have a relaxed on-site spot to grab a gourmet coffee beverage and a snack or meal.

This is even more important as recent research has found that the best time to enjoy a cup of coffee is either mid-morning or early afternoon, not first thing after waking. A simplified explanation is that the human body produces more cortisol at waking. Coffee, or caffeine, increases those cortisol levels even more. When the caffeine and cortisol wear off, an intense drop in energy occurs. Consuming coffee when cortisol levels are low, mid-morning or early afternoon, creates a bigger energy boost than when they were high. That sounds like a bonus for both Salt Lake City employees and employers.

To effectively blend coffee service and micro-markets together, it is important to consider several aspects of coffee service, and how each aspect can help integrate coffee with the micro-market.

Coffee Brewers

  1. choose brewers that make freshly made gourmet beverages; bean-to-cup or single-cup brewers are the current favorites

  2. consider brewers with touchscreens that have the ability to create specialty drinks, including espresso

  3. discover which coffee brewer brands are most sought after in your area—yes, brands matter even with coffee brewers

Coffee Beans

  1. offer a wide range of coffee beans; consider a selection of local and national brands

  2. discover which coffee brands are well-known and liked by your Utah employees

  3. make sure that the perception of the coffee brands matches the perception of the micro-market—both should be high-end

Other Factors

  1. place the coffee service near popular foods and snacks that go well with coffee—whether it is a breakfast item or an afternoon treat, Utah employees are more likely to make a spur-of-the-moment purchase if the item is nearby

  2. include a wide variety of creamer, coffee flavoring, and sweetener choices

  3. recognize that employees are consumers—brand recognition of coffee brewers and coffee beans/roasters plays a role in purchase decisions

To make the melding process easier, PGi Services can guide you through the process of integrating office coffee service into an existing micro-market or adding both employee benefits at the same time. For more information about micro-markets, coffee service, or other pantry solutions, contact us at 800-580-7266 or 


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