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Find New Food Trends in your Denver Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service in Denver

It’s only March, and 2018 food trends have made their way into the Denver’s office coffee service. New flavors, unique plant-based ingredients, and eye-catching colors are creating a healthier, tastier, and more visually intriguing experience.


Just as with food, eye-catching color in coffee is being sourced from natural ingredients. For example, charcoal, the key ingredient in goth food such as pizza and ice cream, can be also be used to create goth coffee. But gray isn’t the only new coffee color you’ll find.

Vegetables such as beets and sweet potatoes provide natural red/purple and orange-ish dyes. In fact, pink, green, and purple gourmet coffee has already been seen. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for latte art. A rainbow of colors is used to create beautiful designs in the latte’s foam. It’s beautiful and tastes great.

Healthier Choices

The move toward including plant-based ingredients, alternative sweeteners, and  antioxidant-rich botanicals in one’s coffee is upping the potential for coffee’s health benefits. Chicory, green coffee extract, or moringa is replacing some of the caffeine in coffee creating a beverage that offers a more moderate energy boost. Other trending botanical ingredients include turmeric (an anti-inflammatory), mushrooms, and hibiscus/floral infusions.

Including better-for-you sweeteners such as maple syrup and raw honey in your coffee service not only offers new flavors but also provides alternative sweeteners that offer a variety of health benefits. Maple syrup provides antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals; is low on the Glycemic index; and has anti-inflammatory properties while honey is a natural energy source, cough syrup, and has beneficial antioxidants.

New Flavors

2018 food trends will see new flavors such as cracked pepper, figs, pistachios, and east meets west flavor combinations. In demand flavors to enjoy with coffee or tea are quite different. Denver consumers are looking for fresh, less processed techniques and flavors when it comes to their coffee service. In other words, coffee should be more nutritious and have a smoother and less bitter taste.

Better-for-you-fats such as coconut oil or grass-fed butter are believed to provide sought after health benefits such as brain function support when mixed with hot coffee. Fresh and less processed also remain at the forefront of new flavors. Nut and seed milks, raw honey, raw cacao, and other natural flavors combined with coffee or tea create a more natural and nutritious beverage.  

Whether your Denver employees are looking for 2018’s new flavors in their snacks or in their coffee, consider including a micro-market and coffee service in the office break room. It’s quick, easy, and potentially available to your employees at a zero or reduced cost. To add a variety of snack, food, and beverage flavors to your Denver office break room, call PGi Services at 800.580.7266.


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