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Denver, How Do You Feel About Taking a Break?

Coffee Break in Denver

When is a coffee break more than just drinking a cup of coffee? When that cup of coffee is consumed during a break at work. Even though many businesses are under pressure to increase employee productivity, they realize that encouraging employees to stop working for a short time to enjoy a beverage or healthy snack has many benefits that far outweigh the 15 minutes of lost work. Many of Denver’s employers go out of their way to encourage employees to take a break in the office break room.

Health Benefits

Coffee, as well as many other beverages, contains caffeine. Recent medical research has found that, in addition to causing a person to be more awake, caffeine also offers numerous health benefits for those who consume it. Research has consistently credited moderate coffee intake with reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, brain cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions. Researchers believe that the lower risk might be due to the natural antioxidants in coffee which stop damage from free radicals, a natural by-product of the body using oxygen. Caffeine also increases hormone levels which can improve one’s mood, energy level, and cognitive performance.

A designated location for coffee breaks also encourages Denver employees to create a habit of moving about during the workday. Sitting for extended periods of time can cause joint stiffness and decrease blood circulation. Eye strain and headaches can happen after staring at a computer screen for too long without a break. Both employers and employees find that multiple benefits occur when employees take breaks. Employees feel that breaks help them work better, and employers find an increase in employee morale and productivity.

Mental Health Benefits

According to, stress in the workplace is an epidemic. Too much employee stress results in a loss of productivity and morale, and an increase in health costs, errors, and interpersonal conflicts. Nearly half of all workers suffer from some degree of stress. Encouraging coffee breaks is one way to help your Denver area employees combat stress. Just as stepping away from one’s desk for 15 minutes helps decrease stiffness and increases circulation, walking and taking a break helps the brain to relax.

Another benefit of the coffee break is an increase in communication among employees. reported on a study that found taking coffee breaks with co-workers relieves stress in employees. The study evaluated a group of employees in Denmark who underwent a recent merger. The group coffee breaks encouraged everyone to share their concerns with each other, which helped reduce stress about their jobs and the merger. The break room also makes a great place for employees to relax and engage in informative conversations. These gatherings often stimulate creative ideas, improve employee camaraderie, and build workplace morale.

Coffee isn’t the only beverage that offers benefits during a break at work. If an employee does not drink coffee or has had enough caffeine for the day, PGi Services offers a selection of alternative beverages such as tea, water, and energy drinks. The goal is to create a time and place for employees to recharge while enjoying a healthy beverage so they can go back to work more focused.

Contact PGi Services at 800.580.7266 to begin service or to add additional beverage choices to your current offerings.


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